Take the first step into changing your entire life. Mind and Body. Under the guidance of a specialist.

  • Transform the way they look and feel about yourself and your lifestyle.  

  • In the three phases of this package we will alter the plans to your progress and willingness to change.

  • Initiation phases of completely changing your entire body.

  • Prepare for your short term goal or event.

12 Week Enhanced Lifestyle Plan



NZ$125 UNTIL 24 MAY 2020 ONLY

  • Specialised attention in order for you to excel in your specific field.

  • Compete in body building competitions, bikini competitions, cycling, biathlons, triathlons, marathons or which ever your preference, we are here to help you not only reach your desired goal but excel.

6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan



NZ$149 UNTIL 24 MAY 2020 ONLY

  • Ultimate transformation plan.

  • Change the way they look and feel about health and fitness.

  • Not just a “diet” and “training plan” but a lifestyle. A way of thinking, an education on how to change your body from the inside, out.

  • No quick fix but gradual lifestyle transformation will healthily make you a different person without bouncing back.

6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan



NZ$100 UNTIL 24 MAY 2020 ONLY

  • For your Corporation or group 

  • Creating healthy habits, living a fitter and healthier lifestyle, and achieving any long term mind and body goals.

  • Loose weight the healthy way, how to build healthy muscle, improve performance or just find balance.

  • Boost productivity and performance as well as create a positive working environment between colleagues.

6 Month Corporate Wellness Plan



NZ$80 UNTIL 24 MAY 2020 ONLY


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