Athletes are unique individuals that need specialised attention in order for them to excel in their specific field. This package is designed for these exact individuals. Whether you would like to compete in body building competitions, bikini competitions, cycling, biathlons, triathlons, marathons or which ever your preference, we are here to help you not only reach your desired goal but excel.


  • Unlimited 24 hour messaging with fitness coach via whatsapp or voice call with regards to anything health and fitness related. Coach will have 48 lead time to respond.

  • 1 Skype call meeting monthly. Unlimited skye calls with fitness coach 3 weeks prior to competition, race etc. Skype calls will be scheduled and confirmed in advance by both client and fitness coach.

  • Customised nutrition program altered to your needs and progress every 4 to 6 weeks. This can change daily, weekly or monthly depending on what is needed for your body/goal at that specific time.

  • Customised training plan altered every 6 to 8 weeks depending on progress and ability to adapt to different training methods as well as mentioned above.

  • 6 months access to our virtual mobile application which includes user friendly video tutorials of each exercise specified on your exercise plan. 

  • Updated body stats and weigh on coaches request. Your fitness coach will revise and make changes if need be.

  • Supplementation recommendations and step by step preparation instructions.


  • All students will qualify for 25% discount if presented with current student card

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