Our 6 Month Corporate Plan is aimed at a corporation or group of people focused on changing their entire mind, body and lifestyle together. This package will provide a step by step process of creating healthy habits, living a fitter and healthier lifestyle, and achieving any long term mind and body goals you may have in mind. Working closely with our health and fitness specialists we teach you about nutrition, how to loose weight the healthy way, how to build healthy muscle, improve performance or any even find balance. This plan will be tailored specifically to you, your current lifestyle and where you see yourself in 6 months from today. Implementing all of these elements can only boost productivity and performance as well as create a positive working environment between colleagues.


  • Unlimited 24 hour messaging with fitness coach via whatsapp or voice call with regards to anything health and fitness related. Coach will have 48 lead time to respond.

  • 1 Skype call meeting with fitness coach monthly. Skype calls will be scheduled and confirmed in advance by both client and fitness coach.

  • Customized nutrition program altered to your needs and progress every 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Customized training plan altered every 6 to 8 weeks depending on progress and ability to adapt to different training methods

  • 6 months access to our virtual mobile application which includes user friendly video tutorials of each exercise specified on your exercise plan. 

  • Updated body stats and weigh in every fortnight. Your fitness coach will revise and make changes if need be.

  • Supplementation recommendations and step by step preparation instructions.


  • The Corporate Wellness Plan applies to a group exceeding 5

  • If the group exceeds 20 members further discount will apply

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