Talking to the team, and explaining to them what I would like to achieve was the best decision I’ve  made in my life. As a hair stylist working

on a cruise ship, it’s not always easy to follow a specific fitness routine as Fitness instructors always change and so does my programs.

I needed one trainer, one program that will work and give me the absolute benefits and results I want. Even though I travel to different countries by day and night, working with Eminencefit, they work everything out to fit my work schedule.

After just a month of joining with my coach I’ve already lost not just weight and cms, but build more muscle, I feel more comfortable looking at the person in the mirror every day. He helped me boost not just my physical appearance but also helped me reach a mental stability.

You can get the same changes in your life, all you need to do is join in and we can walk the miles together. You won’t regret it, you won’t

fail, because this is not just a fitness program, this is a family and we support each other.

Christo Nel, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Thank you for everything you have done so far. I have never felt more proud and motivated to better myself since i started with Eminencefit.


We are truly a family and the support that is given from the team and my coach is really something truly amazing. Zane has pushed me time and time again, and i must say without his support and motivation, i would have not made it this far.


I am truly beyond words happy with Eminencefit and would recommend them to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life. I have never lost weight/fat so easy! Eminencefit makes it fun, affordable and accomplishable! “

Danielle Hattingh, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

The Mad Scientist" 

Please find attached 2x Photos of myself that I like and will portray your efforts as a coach and the kind of work ethic and expertise Eminence puts in to their clients and how they transform them into incredible aesthetic physiques.

Below you will find a short and brief write up of my experience with Eminence and of course our action plan going forward as this is only the beginning. ;-)

" Wow where to start, from the very beginning when I joined Eminence my mind was blown, Their service is on point and their work ethic is impeccable. They really go out of their way for their clients, and always communicate with you and staying on top of your game and goal in mind. This is personally my best and well wroth investment and highly recommend them and their services to anyone looking to transform not only their physique into something they will be amazed by but from a personal perspective as well. We a family and motivated to do great and be great"

TEAM Eminence

Thank you guys for everything and our future moving forward.

Juan Van Rooyen, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan


Anonymous, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

After I started adapting a healthier and more active lifestyle with the assistance of Eminencefit , my life changed and my body transformed totally! I am overall more healthy, active, and passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. When I 1st met Zane du Plessis, I said to him “If you can transform my body, I want to look like you, but only better”.. Challenge accepted, and I have been training with him since June 2015, and with his constant and professional guidance and motivation on diet, nutrition and training routines, my body transformed, and I am in the best shape of my life! Still a long way to go to achieve my goals, but without Zane and Eminencefit , this would not have been possible. Zane du Plessis  really knows his stuff, and this is by far one of my best investments in life! Their combined qualifications and experience in the industry is remarkable! You are in good, capable hands when becoming part of the Zane’ s and the Eminencefit Team!”

Bertie Harrison, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

I am 34 and have had 2 children and recently donated a kidney to my sister.


I would never have thought it possible to stand competitively on stage.  I joined Eminencefit and within 2 months is did my first show all thanks to a remarkable coach who customised my diet and training to my individual needs. 


The coaches have an incredible work ethic, pay attention to detail and support their customers.  With Eminencefit you get results … period

Stella Snyman, 6 Month In Depth Athlete  Plan

Louw Breytenbach, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan


Bronwyn Frier, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Wayne du Plessis, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

I Have been a part of the Eminence Family for several weeks and I am VERY pleased and great full with what he has done to help me achieve my health goals.


My coach is a highly motivated and very attentive to you individual needs anytime of the day. I’d come out of my training sessions tired and sweaty ,but its very Energizing to see the progress that I was making towards my health and fitness goals.


He also help me understand each exercise and the reason for adding it to my regimen. The Eminencefit  Team have played a massive roll in my life the past few weeks and I would HIGHLY recommend Eminencefit to anyone that is serious about becoming healthier and more physically fit.


This has been a unbelievable journey and one of the best life choices I have made many thanks have been given, but hey how about one more. THANK YOU Coach and now great friend. 

Shaun Sobey, 6 Month In Depth Athelte Plan

Sashin Moodley, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

I have been under the guidance of Eminencefit for 5 years now, 

I have competed in 3 different fitness competitions which i placed top 3 in all 3 competitions. I was in the best shape of my life under the help of Eminencefit's head coach. After my competitions i continued with my coach and my training and eating beame a lifesyle and not just a "diet" and training program. A year thereafter i fell pregnant and i was guided through my pregnancy with the correct exercises and nutrition to help me through healthily. I picked up quite a lot of weight not due to lack of nutrition or exercise but i picked up a disease called preclamsia. 8 weeks after i gave birth i started training and nutrition under the guidance of the same coach that took me through my competitions and i lost all 26kgs within a space of 4 months. 

I am now confident in my mom body, but with the help of Eminence i will continue to progress and better myself and my lifestyle everyday. The constant help and communication and knowledge has changed my life and could not have done it alone.

Kezleigh Melville, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

I am 36 years old and in the best shape of my life. Eminencefit has taken me places I could never have gone on my own, with their expert advice, engaging coaching style and attention to detail.  Not only has my body been transformed but so was my mind around nutrition and fitness.  Joining Eminencefit is was a life changing decision that has had nothing other than a positive impact on my life.”

Marc Thom, 6 In Depth Athlete Plan

Nadia Van de Linde, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Brendon Beeslaar, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

The best decision I have ever made is booking the services of Eminencefit I struggled to lose weight for 10 years. Within 8 months Zane transformed not only the shape of my body but I also reached my goal weight. He has taught me how to eat clean and maintain my weight. I used to suffer from heartburn. That is all gone until I have that cheat meal of course. I understand what my body likes and dislikes. I also now know how to use the equipment at gym properly. I can highly recommend Eminencefit for their services. They are professional. They will always check up on how I am doing and will always keep me motivated even on my down days. I call him Dr Zane. I could not have done this without his extensive knowledge in his field. Thanks so much Zane!!! You rock.”

Michelle Elliot, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Aljay Mouton, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Monique Van Der Bank, 6 Month Enhanced Lifetsyle Plan

When I signed up with Zane at Eminencefit I had a goal in mind of what I wanted to achieve.  The goal that I set myself was achievable I thought, I was going to get there eventually, but at my own pace. In hindsight it was quite mediocre.  Little did I know that Zane was going to take me on a journey where I was not only going to transform my body, but I ended up transforming every aspect of my life. I transformed my viewpoint on exercise, on nutrition and ended up pushing myself to limits I never even thought is possible. Zane ended up being my ultimate motivator and gym buddy, he did not take no for an answer even if I threated to throw him with a 40kg dumbbell. He ended up being the guide to take me on my ultimate transformation journey. I am a much better person physically and mentally because of him.”

Willie Le Roux , 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Gailynne Peters, 6 Month Enhanced Lifetsyle Plan

My Eminencefit experience has been an amazing journey , not only has my body drastically changed in a way I could never imagine , but the amount of knowledge and experience I have gained through the process is priceless , I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that any person wanting to change their body’s , weather it be to compete or just a personal goal , Zane is no doubt your go to guy , id challenge any one to make use of Zane and the Eminencefit group and I can guarantee you will never turn back His dedication , patience and understanding of different body types is amazing.”

Jason Jeffcote, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Joining Eminencefit was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Not only did I reach my own personal goals of getting on stage where I placed 3rd and losing the last 7kgs that I needed to lose, but I also gained a new family. Eminencefit is such an amazing support system and Zane is always there when you need him. At the beginning I struggled a lot with personal issues but Zane helped me through it all he showed me that if I just put my mind to something he will help me achieve it and he did. With his help i smashed my goals and I’ve never been so proud and happy to be part of something as amazing as this Eminencefit group. The coaches are the best and they will help you achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. Thanks Zane for helping me and so many others achieve our goals.”

Monique Erasmus, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Eminencefit changed my life showed me the right way forward. 

My coach Zane has really devoted time and effort in changing my lifestyle, everyone thinks dieting is the end of the world but making small changes makes the biggest differences, to be the the best there's a few obstacles a long the way and mine was 40kgs and seeing myself on stage achieving WP I never thought it was possible.

If you had asked me that 9 months ago I would've laughed and said there's no way but it happened and couldn't of done it any other way , Eminencefit is the way forward and never to late to make a change.Much love and respect to my coach Zane for making this all possible.

"What you put in is what you get out NO PAIN NO GAIN”

Devon Benzien, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Monique Dornbrack, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

What a journey this has been. I didn't expect the results to be so great but I guess hard work does pay off.


8 weeks ago I started with @eminencefit and with the amazing guidance and pep talks from @zanehealthspecialist I managed to get myself into the best shape ever.


Big thanks to my wifey for going the mile along side me with amazing results to show for it. This has all been done while being a pescatarian and no supplements.

Marcel Kritzinger, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Demi Lee Jefferys, 6 Month Enhanced Lifetsyle Plan

Anonymous, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

George Van Rensburg, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Jenna Trusler, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Ryan Duncan Trail, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Lisa Schoeman, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Jaco Timmerman, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Jamie Benzien, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

CJ Van Wyk, 6 Month Enhanced Lifestyle Plan

Nadine Olivier, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan

Tanya Cronje, 6 Month In Depth Athlete Plan